Allied Coaches Services

Allied Coaches provide coach hire services for any and all of your needs around Ireland and ensure that your journey is as luxurious and comfortable as possible. Allied coaches have an extensive fleet of buses and coaches readily available for bus hire or coach hire to help you get to where you need. As some situations may not need a large coach or bus, Allied Coaches also offer mini-bus hire services in Dublin. As well as the coach hire services in Dublin that Allied Coaches offer there is also the opportunity to avail of bus tours of Ireland through Allied Coaches. This is an excellent attraction for any tourists visiting Ireland or even just for anyone who would like to experience more of what Ireland has to offer. The tours include travelling through the picturesque and scenic landscape of Ireland and can be hired for many different reasons.

Buses can be hired for tours to sporting events or for a tour of the city. Allied coaches also provide bus tours for events such as pilgrimages. Allied coaches are the perfect transportation company if you are looking for a coach or bus for a more corporate event as they specialise in the provision of coaches for events such as conferences and meetings, and even recreational events such as golf outings and team bonding exercises.

Allied Coaches mini-bus hire is the ideal method of transport for any smaller group because, even though it isn’t a coach or a bus, there is still no compromise when it comes to providing a comfortable and luxurious journey for its users. As Allied Coaches offer a high-end fleet, you are sure to be provided with a stylish and lavish mode of transportation no matter what you opt for. Allied Coaches can also arrange your tour itinerary for you and can ensure a memorable tour.

There’s no job too small or too big for Allied Coaches and the coach and bus hire services cater for anything from ferry, airport or train transfers to transportation for sports teams, or even to ensure their supporters make it to the match to cheer on their team.