Golf Tours Ireland

Ireland is renowned for its magnificent golf courses and therefore Ireland is the perfect destination for a golfing holiday. The only issue for those without a car or in a big group, is that many of these beautiful golf courses are a bit off the beaten track.

But we at Allied coaches are happy to take care of your transport needs on a golfing trip. Allied coaches can provide the professional transport services required to make your trip as comfortable and as memorable as possible.

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Your Golf Trip

Ireland is world renowned for the quality of our golf courses. Ireland possesses golf courses that regularly host the world's most prestigious golfing tournaments. Tournaments that attract the world's best golfers. It’s little wonder then that Ireland has become such a popular golfing location.
Allied Coaches’s luxurious range of buses can safely transport your group and your golfing equipment around some of Ireland’s premier golfing locations.
Our driver is available to help unload and load your golf bags leaving you and your group free to concentrate on reducing your handicap.

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